Infidelity Counseling

I work with individuals to help them change behavior and end affairs that hurt them and their family. I work with couples to help them heal from the hurt of an affair. Infidelity counseling in Overland Park Kansas.

Cyber affairs are real affairs.
An emotional affair, even if it does not lead to actual sex, can be just as devastating. Managing these types of relationships, where secrets are tied to everyday technology we all must continue to use, can be very difficult. Counseling can help you create shared rules, goals, and break old patterns of behavior.

Was it a one night stand?
It actually does not matter. The problems created by long term affairs or one night stands are often the same: recovering trust, intimacy, and making sure that fidelity becomes the new standard. I have worked with many couples to restore hope, and can share with you the solutions that have worked for so many others.

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I work with couples in immediate crisis and can often schedule within 24 hours. Please call, and start stopping the hurt.

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