Overland Park Counseling

Counseling Services for individuals, couples and families. I am a partner in helping you create success.

Counseling services are provided in a safe, non-judgmental environment and available to everyone regardless of background. As a professional counselor, I do not impose my beliefs (religious or otherwise) on others. However, as a believer and follower of Christ Jesus and the teachings of Scripture, I do offer a Christian perspective for those of faith who desire this in counseling sessions.

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I offer premarital, and marriage counseling, and family therapy services. In my own life, I have overcome many of the same issues couples often face, and can provide both personal and professional reference points for finding real solutions. All services are confidential, professional and my goal is to help you build a rock solid relationship no matter the past history of difficulty you or your family might have faced.  See this page for more information.


I help couples, and both women and men, create healthy and positive sexual satisfaction. As a marriage counselor, I understand the importance of real sexual communication and the development of intimacy founded on trust and healing. Contact me confidentially and let me help you enjoy this part of your relationship again.


Spiritual fulfillment is important to everyone, regardless of religious background or experiences. All of us are searching for meaning, fulfillment, security and significance. I can help you to create a purpose filled life, and to interact with others in a way that is fulfilling and creates the joy we were intended to experience.


Many people have come to my office without a sense of hope, or a sense of calm. As a therapist, I am trained in the research backed methods of regaining emotional control in your life. I help people create calm amid fears and anxiety, and I help people learn anger management, and to overcome depression. There is hope, and counseling creates new ways of living that can end even years of distress.


Divorce, death of a family member, geographic moves, vocational change, empty-nest syndrome, and many other life transition issues can be helped through professional counseling. In life we do not get an owners manual, and since I have worked with countless individuals in life transition over the years, I know what works to make life better. Call me today and let’s talk about how I can help you create an amazing future.


Parenting can be tough. Many people come to parenting their own children, with ineffective strategies based on their own childhood experiences. The way to break the cycle of ineffective parenting, and to make certain your children have the chances you perhaps never had, is to participate in parenting coaching. I have worked with many parents who have waited until there were serious problems to try to fix the parent-child relationship. Call now and let’s get this on track early in your child’s life.